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Hi there, I'm Dani Dellarco.

Dani is a rockstar fitness instructor and certified personal trainer from Silver Spring, Maryland. Growing up playing ice hockey, Dani always had a passion for being active. Dani studied psychology in college which led her to her initial career path in cognitive psychology. Dani changed career paths after realizing that her passion truly was in fitness. Dani integrates her knowledge of psychology into her fitness classes believing that our mind is a powerful tool to tap into to achieve health and wellness goals. 

Dani truly believes in the purpose and drive fitness creates. Her involvement in the fitness community has led her to become an ambassador for many companies including lululemon, On Running, Fré Skin Care and Nuun Hydration. Dani's classes and training sessions will push you outside your comfort zone but leave you feeling empowered, proud, and strong. 


Dani specializes in multiple modalities and believes it's best to attack the body and muscle groups through both strength and cardio workouts.

"Our bodies are incredible and able to adapt. Therefor by implementing multiple modalities and training types, we constantly challenge our bodies to change." - Dani 

Indoor Cycling




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